In-room Stream

In-Room Stream

Many guests arrive at a hotel/motel with multiple devices for their own entertainment. They’re more likely to watch a Netflix show on their tablet than watch a movie on the guestroom TV. Just as crucial, hotels need to provide support to allow guests to use the devices they bring with them. TSA hospitality solutions support the mobile device and give the guests options to promote their unique content on the guestroom TV, even not have to be a smart TV. Our easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface with the casting platform and a simplified device-pairing process allows guests to stream content safely from their smart devices—smartphones, tablets and laptops—directly to the TV in their guestroom. TSA’s room cast is the Google Chromecast solution for hotel guests.

Customised welcome page with your own logo

We can customise the first interface entirely with your brand’s colours, logos, fonts, backgrounds, and more. Make it yours. Your business, your rules. Guests not only scan the QR code to log in to hotel wi-fi but also can get information about your hotel’s services and facilities, know the local events, and so on.

Easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface

Many guests have unique content-viewing preferences and streaming account subscriptions, and we provide the compatibility solution with any streaming service a guest may wish to access on guestroom televisions. It is essential for international travellers who wish to view streaming services based in their home region.

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